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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday, July 9, 2013....Pickleball Paddles....The Lone Ranger

Paso Robles Pickleball Club website:

No Pickleball today.  We play MWFSat.

Many of our players who have tried our different loaner paddles are now ready to buy their own.  They are asking the right questions regarding graphite vs. composite hitting surfaces, aluminum core vs. composite core (carbon fiber, resin, fiberglass, etc.).  Let's do a little review of what has been said about these paddles.

1.  Graphite paddles tend to weigh a little less.  To some players, this is important.  Many say that the graphite surface offers a little more control.  Others claim no difference.

2.  Heavier paddles (in the 8-9 oz. range) are generally preferred by the older crowd (seems opposite of what you would expect).  However,  the extra "mass" does mean a little less work on the baseline swing and a little less work on the volley.  Big hitters seem to prefer a lighter paddle.

3.  When comparing graphite and composite paddles, it is best to compare the same brand paddle.   As an example, try the Z5 in both compositions.

4.  Another thing to consider is the core.  Most paddle cores are of a composite (combination of) material.  A honeycomb nomex core is an example.  Aluminum core is just that....Aluminum (not a composite).  The aluminum core is also honeycomb, but not a blend (if that make sense). It is said the exit velocity off an aluminum paddle is a little faster (but still within regulations).  Maybe.......

5.  A lot to consider, but the general rule for purchasing a paddle is this:  ounces are not pounds.  So, the difference of an ounce may not be as important as the "feel" of the paddle and the way you play baseline, volley, and dink shots.  Because placement is the number one goal in this game, judge how the ball comes off the paddle when hitting placement shots.  If you like your results, you have found your paddle!

Now, let's talk about The Lone Ranger....

Went to see the movie this afternoon and it gets a definite Two Thumbs Up!  Johnny Depp is great. Silver is super.  Armie Hammer does a good job....all the acting is good.  A fun movie that reveals/unravels a little of the history surrounding the masked man.  The climactic train scene at the end is worth the price of admission.  That scene, with the William Tell Overture as the background action music is a good as it gets.  Once again, Two Thumbs Up!!!!

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