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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

10 Simple Things To Improve Your Pickleball Play....Answers

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No Pickleball today.  We play on MWFSat 7:30-10:30 at Centennial Park in Paso Robles.


1. PLAY.  Sound too obvious?  Let’s rephrase....PLAY with an AGENDA.  Today I am working on my dink shot or return of serve or getting to the 7 ft. thing each day.  Make it simple.

2. STRETCH.  I cannot overemphasize the importance.  Do not cold stretch.  Walk/jog briskly from the car to the courts.  Walk/jog around the courts.  Get the blood flowing to the muscles before you start stretching.  Find your favorite stretches.  Do them.

3. WARM DOWN....after playing.  Take 5-10 minutes to re-stretch.

4. OBSERVE.  You learn a lot by watching the good and not-so-good players.

5. ASK QUESTIONS.  You have questions that need to be answered?  ASK.

6. KNOW THE RULES AND SCORING.  Being confused takes away from your performance.

7. PLAY THE TOUGHER OPPONENT.  If you are not worried about winning/losing, play the tougher player on the other side of the net.  You will improve.

8. PRACTICE.  Tougher than you think, because everyone has a time frame for playing.  See if someone will come out early or stay late.  

9. PLAY SINGLES.  Believe it or not, your game will improve.  So will your conditioning.  If mobility is an issue, use only half the court.  Play 10’ X 22’ singles.

10. STUDY.  There are so many good instructors out there with great information on websites.  Google.  Ask questions the next day when you are down at the courts if you did not understand a lesson discussed on the internet.

Remember, I said these would be simple....and yet, we tend to overlook the simplest of things.  “If this were easy, everybody would be good.”

Answers To Yesterday's Questions:

Pickleball Situations

Your partner calls an opponent’s ball “out”  and returns the ball back over the net.  He then says he made a mistake....the ball was good.  What is the ruling?

Rule in favor of your opponent.

You hit a volley for a winner and during your follow through, you bump into your partner who has one foot in the No Volley Zone.  Ruling?

Violation of No Volley Zone.

In the middle of a point, you call a ball out and your partner calls the ball in.  What is the ruling?

Rule in favor of your opponent.

T or F?  When the contact point of the ball on the paddle is below the net, you should hit a defensive shot to try and get yourself back into the point.


T or F?  You win the point if a ball you hit deflects off the net post, and bounces twice on your opponent’s side.


"How did the ball come off your paddle today?"

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