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Monday, July 22, 2013

Paso Robles Pickleball....USAPA....Pickleball Rules

We were almost rained out today.  For many, this is not that unusual, but up here in Paso, in July, this is highly unusual.  Arrived at our Centennial Park courts at 7:30 this morning in a light drizzle.  Had already received a couple of texts asking about the condition of the courts.  The courts were damp, the drizzle continued until about 7:50, but 12 determined Pickleball players still put up the nets and were able to play by 8:15.  Two hours later we shook hands and said a thank you for another day of exercise on a beautiful and cool morning.  They say in this part of California that during the summer the days can be hot, but the mornings and evenings are perfect.  Add to that perfection....morning Pickleball.  It doesn't get much better.

Read a good article about exercise and Pickleball:
On the note of good articles, our National Governing body, the  published an article that appeared in our local Paso Robles Magazine.  Go to "In The News" to see the article entitled "What The Heck Is Pickleball?"

Let's Test Your Knowledge:  Answers will appear in tomorrow's blog.

How Would You Rule?:  Pickleball Situations
  1. Your partner calls an opponent’s ball “out”  and returns the ball back over the net.  He then says he made a mistake....the ball was good.  What is the ruling?

  1. You hit a volley for a winner and during your follow through, you bump into your partner who has one foot in the No Volley Zone.  Ruling?

  1. In the middle of a point, you call a ball out and your partner calls the ball in.  What is the ruling?

  1. T or F?  When the contact point of the ball on the paddle is below the net, you should hit a defensive shot to try and get yourself back into the point.

  1. T or F?  You win the point if a ball you hit deflects off the net post, and bounces twice on your opponent’s side.

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