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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pickleball Interest Continues.....Pickleball Rules

16 players today on a perfect weather Saturday morning.  Included in the 16 were three new players....we'll take two or three newcomers every session.  In asking how they heard about Pickleball, one said they saw our USAPA sign on the fence, looked up the website, and were very intrigued about the game.  The other two were referred by a friend.  Signs and word-of-mouth....sometimes more effective than a blog.  But, the synergy of different means to spread the word is what will make us continue to grow.  Signs, posters, emails, blogs, meet-ups, clinics, articles, a website.  These are all good and our members are to be congratulated on a job well done.  Our goal is to get some of those people out who have the attitude that because Pickleball is a funny name for a game it, therefore, must be silly or not very competitive.  All they need to do is try the game and they will see the merit.  What is funny is having people be so image conscious.  150,000 people cannot be wrong....

Today's Rule Explanation:  A ball does not have to cross over the net and can be hit around the post (net frame if portable) as long as the ball lands in fair territory on the other side.  A shot that hits the portable net post and goes into fair territory on the opponent's court is considered a violation because the net post is already in out of bounds territory.  Does not happen often, but it does happen.

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