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Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Pickleball....Crown Valley Pickleball Club

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This situation came up a couple of times today and I think it needs to be addressed.  Do not help your opponents by blurting out something like "darn" or "oh no" when you have hit a ball that you think is going out.  All you do is alert your opponent to the fact that you have probably hit a wide or long shot....and they will think twice about returning the ball.  Also, it would be unethical to try and deceive your opponent into letting a ball go that you are sure is in by using one of the above phrases.  We are all about ethics in this great and enjoyable game.

18 players showed up to play on this Friday morning.  Again, very nice weather.  We have five courts and five nets.  Lately we have been close to our max.  Looking forward to Saturday play.  Same time: 7:30 a.m.  A nice Farmer's Market in town at the city park.  Homemade zucchini bread made and sold by one of the vendors is a great treat after a couple of hours of PB.  Isn't this one of the reasons we play?

I like to include a picture in my blog.  Not always able to or not always relevant.  I do want to write briefly about the first class courts at the Crown Valley Pickleball Club in Laguna Niguel.  I learned how to play at CVPC.  Ambassadors Bill and Terri Smith mentored me.  Jack Bond put up with me on that first day and was my PB partner through a great day of learning.  I wanted to come back because of his encouragement.  I mention this because during your playing days, you are going to mentor a new player or two, and, you hope they enjoy the experience enough to return.  Two or three sessions....all it takes to be hooked.  Your role is very important.  Thanks, Bill, Terri, Jack, and all the CVPC players who mentored me through "on the job training." I returned, and then some!!!!

The Crown Valley Pickleball Courts....the best facility in Southern California.

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