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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Pickleball Guy....Wine Country....Pismo Beach

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It happened again today.  In fact, it has happened three or four times this week.  It's all good, though....

I'm standing in the post office line and a guy behind me says, "aren't you the Pickleball guy?"  I turn, smile, say yes (muffled sigh) and introduce myself.  My easy name escapes them, but the word Pickleball is hard to forget.  As I said, "it's all good." Many people say we should change the name of this game....who would remember me as the "wiffleball" guy?

16 players today on another perfect morning in the beautiful wine country of Paso Robles.  We are lucky....and, the July weather has been much more mild than it was last year at this time.  I took the picture below a year ago looking north from Brave Oak Vineyard towards San Miguel.  Yes, an amateur photographer I am....

On Wednesday I also go down and play in the afternoon at the Pismo Beach Athletic Club.  As I have mentioned before, very nice courts and very good players.  General Manager Ryan Tomich has done a superb job putting Pickleball on the map in Pismo Beach.  Most of the play is casual at this time, but I think a number of those players would do well on the tournament circuit.

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  1. We really like the Central Coast and the Wine Country. Luv that picture. May try pickleball when we drive down from the Bay Area.


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