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Monday, July 15, 2013

PICKLEBALL....Pickleball Footwork....Mid State Fair

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16 players this morning and the weather was great.  The summer mornings and evenings are perfect here in Paso Robles.  Our summer start at 7:30 a.m. gives us a chance to get in 2-3 hours of play before it starts to warm up.  We said adios to full time RVer Bruce Kimmell (he calls Pueblo El Mirage RV Resort, outside of Surprise, AZ, home) who had played with us daily for the last month.  Bruce and his wife Debbie are on to their next stop, Reno, Nevada.  Bruce brought an excellent game with him and we all enjoyed his play.  Always a gentleman on the court.  Until next year.....

We also welcomed traveler Ron Allevato from Oceanside.  He plays at Melba Bishop Park in Oceanside and also at Castle Creek in Escondido.  Both excellent Pickleball Clubs with good, veteran players.  Ron represented those two clubs very well.  It is always nice to see a new, unfamiliar face arrive carrying their paddle.  They always mean business!

Sorry to keep mentioning the importance our feet play in the success of our Pickleball game, but, no footwork, no medals....figurative or otherwise!!!!

1.  You know the importance of getting to the NVZ line.
2.  Short, quick, lateral steps at the NVZ line are imperative.
3.  Play low.  How low?  Your paddle should touch the ground if you extend your arm.
4.  Low with quick, lateral shuffle steps keeps the body balanced and greatly reduces the chance of injury.
5.  And the best news of all.....this repeated low, flexed position and quick steps promotes physical conditioning, and is very, very, figure/physique friendly.  Our club members speak fondly of how much weight and inches they have lost.

Note:  Credit where credit is due:  A great deal of this information comes from playing with excellent players at the Crown Valley Pickleball Club in Laguna Niguel, CA, and from Pat Carroll's Bootcamps (Oceanside, CA).  Thank you fellow Ambassadors/Picklers.

The California Mid-State Fair starts this week, July 17-29.  If you are coming up to the Fair, bring your Pickleball paddle and join us at Centennial Park on MWFSat. mornings, 7:30-10:30ish.  The Fair doesn't really get going until the afternoon.

Mahalo for taking the time to read this blog and the few pointers I enjoy sharing with you.  Wherever you are, "how was the ball coming off your paddle today?"

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