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Monday, August 19, 2013

Today's Rules Clarification....Where You Can Stand On A Serve

Our Paso Robles Pickleball Club Website:  Pack your paddles and join us if you are traveling to the Central Coast.  We also have loaner equipment.

Todays's Rules Question:  What is the ruling if I hit a high, short lob that bounces on my opponent's side of the net, and, because of backspin or wind, the ball immediately comes back over the net and bounces on my side without being touched by either of my opponents?  RULING:  In your favor.  Your point if you or your partner was serving....serve goes from opponent's #1 to #2 if #1 was serving....side out if the opposition's #2 was serving.  If one of your opponent's is able to reach over the net and hit the ball before it bounces on your side, the ball remains in play (yes he/she can reach over the net----just cannot touch the net).

Where Are You Able To Stand When Serving Or Receiving?:  When the ball is being served, only one  player must stand in a particular spot----the server.  He/she must stand on--and serve to--the legal side of the court determined by rotation.  The partner can stand anywhere.  The receiving team's players can stand wherever they want as well, but the first person to hit the serve after the first bounce must be the proper receiver.

16 players today.  Another very nice morning of fun and competition.  Players are improving.  All balls returned.  All paddles in bag.  All is good!

"How Did The Ball Come Off Your Paddle Today?

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