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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

10 Common Pickleball Mistakes....25 Players

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Here are 10 common Pickleball game day mistakes.  If you expect to play better, familiarize yourself with these mistakes and work on avoiding them as much as possible.

1.  Trying to do too much with your serve.  Just get it in....deep, if possible.  No service faults.
2.  Service return too short or too hard.  You need to have time to get to the 7' line.
3.  Not understanding the importance of the 3rd shot....get it in the NVZ and at your opponent's feet.
4.  Play with patience and placement.  Place (bump or push) the ball at your opponent's feet.
5.  Understand court positioning and court coverage.  Take away the high percentage shot.
6.  3 of every 4 shots is a bump or push....that is what the paddle face is designed to do.
7.  When your opponent is back, keep them back....hit deep, at their feet.
8.  Firm Wrist...Firm Wrist....Firm Wrist!
9.  Don't try to hit a winner off of a winner.  Just get it back and try to turn the point around.
10. Don't be predictable.  Mix up your shots.  Play your strengths, but work on weaknesses.

We had 25 players yesterday.  This is a new record for us.  The group included five first time visitors (daughter Cindi, husband Todd, and family....from Southern California)  They played well and were so enthused about finally playing the game they had heard so much about from me, that they promised to go back home and create a "Picklehood" in their community.  This is how the game gets you.  You have get a good become hooked.  PB is also a great family game.

"How did the ball come off your paddle today?"

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