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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pickleball Rules....Pickleball Instruction

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Over the the next few weeks, as we get closer to our one year anniversary of Pickleball in Paso Robles (official day is September 17), I am going to write more about the most common questions asked regarding PB rules, and, I will also re-emphasize the most important skills/techniques/philosophies as they relate to learning and playing Pickleball.

I choose to start with the Rules of the serve, because, invariably, I see this rule violated more than any other....and yet, the rules are pretty simple.

1.  Contact with the ball must be made below the waist.  Most people get this.

2.  The paddle must be moving in an upward direction.  Like throwing horseshoes or bowling.  Most people get this.

3.  The complete paddle head must be completely below the wrist.  This is the one most often violated.  In essence, the paddle must be pointed straight down at the point of contact.

I see too many people serve out to the side.  I see a few serve backhanded.  I have never seen a backhanded serve that is legal.  I have seen it called illegal in tournaments.  The server looked shocked. I have heard "I am never going to play in a tournament anyway, so why does it matter."  It matters because the rules are there to be followed.  With the above rationalization, do you not follow other rules like kitchen violations or foot fault violations?

Most of my blogs end with this question:  "How did the ball come off your paddle today?" I hope one of your answers is-----legally!

We Have Been Enjoying Good Attendance And All Five Courts Being Used

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