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Friday, August 23, 2013

Pickleball Rules....Negative Space In Pickleball

Today's Rules Explanation:  During the course of a rally, our opponents, both standing at their 7' line, went for a ball.  One of them hit a winning volley, but his partner struck the back of his paddle and also stepped into the No Volley Zone.  He did not hit the ball, just his partner's paddle.  What is the ruling?:  You can respond in the comments section.  Answer will be given tomorrow (if you do not already know).

On another note.....there is a famous quote by photojournalist Robert Capa that simply states, "If you do not like your photographs, you are not close enough."  Well said.  In essence, what he is implying is that photographers leave too much 'negative space' around the subject of a photograph.  The space does nothing to help the picture.  If I might draw a Pickleball analogy to this quote (and it is a little bit of a stretch, but hey, the simple explanation of why you must get to the 7' line isn't working), it would be that you can't have all that 'negative space' around you because you are standing back at the baseline.  Linearly (is that a word?), there is 12'6" of 'negative space' between you and the 7' No Volley Zone line---when you are standing at the baseline (this would be the distance from the 7' line and the baseline=13 ft.).  I say 12'6" because your toes should be about 6" from the NVZ line!!!!  Confusing?  Shouldn't be....when you play ping pong, do you stand 13' away from the end of the table?  No, you get up to the table (in this case, the 7' NVZ line).  Win or lose your rallies from there.  What about the lob?  A low percentage shot with few outright winners.

I know, this whole 'negative space' thing is a little out there, but not really.  Besides, if I can help the photographers in our group---with their photos or their're welcome!

20 players today on an overcast, but pleasant, Friday.  Lots of good play.  I say that a lot, but today it really looked like the games were competitive and positive.  There's that other 'P' word.

"How Did The Ball Come Off Your Paddle Today?"  If you did not like your shots, you probably weren't close enough!!!!

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