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Friday, August 16, 2013

Pickleball At Disneyland....Full Courts Again

One of our players, Stephen McAbee, gave us a little advertising this past week by wearing his Paso Robles Pickleball Club t-shirt to the Greatest Place On Earth.  Gave me an idea!   Want to spread the word about Pickleball, wear your club shirt to the tourist destinations....kind of like what AAA does with their Westways magazine.  Be sure to take a picture and include a significant landmark/sign.

We had 22 players today on the courts.  Many of you reading this blog might not appreciate the significance of this number, but for us, with only five courts----we were full!!!!  Good early Friday morning play as we beat triple digit temps in the afternoon.

This rules situation came up again on the courts....worth repeating.  If your opponent is serving and either of you is hit by the served ball before it bounces (no matter where you are standing), this is a violation on your team's part and the point goes to the serving team.  In today's case, the up person on the receiving team was standing in the adjacent service court (not the diagonal court where his partner was being served to), and the served ball hit the up person before it bounced.  Violation.  Remember to pay attention or stay out of the way of a potential stray serve.

Good morning of play.  "How did the ball come off your paddle today?"

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