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Monday, October 21, 2013

The Importance Of Stretching

Our Paso Robles Pickleball Club Website:  Join us for some fun play whenever you are touring the Central Coast.  We have loaner equipment.

I need to remind all of our Club players (and anyone reading this entry) about the importance of stretching BEFORE you take the court to play.  I need to also remind myself, because many a time I have been setting up nets, tables, sign in sheets, our USAPA sign, etc. and someone says, "we need a fourth."  I grab my paddle and fill in without doing some necessary stretching.  Common story.  I think we feel that because the game is a little kinder on the body and there is less trauma, we can "gradually" get warmed up and stretch as we play.  Partially true, but not very smart.

Here are some good pointers to follow:

1.  You warm up to warm up.  Basically this means that you warm up to stretch.  The body needs to be 3-5 degrees warmer to get any benefit out of stretching.  Cold stretching is a thing of the past.  A brisk walk to the courts from the car, a short jog around the perimeter of the courts, a few side shuffles, etc. and THEN you do about five minutes minimum of stretching.

2.  As for specific exercises, I will leave that to you to look up on the internet.  Our website has some good information on stretching.

3.  After a minimum of five minutes, you can start dinking and working on your short game with someone else, BUT continue to stretch as you hit and whenever there is a lull (chasing a ball, etc.).  This is a good time for lunge stretches, achilles tendon and calf stretching, etc.

4.  Once the match starts, the stretching does not stop.  Continue to stretch between points.  Do some dry squats.  Listen to your body.  Stretching AS YOU PLAY is very important.  If you sit out for a game, be sure to get up and do some light stretching as the court you are waiting for is nearing completion.

5.  Hydrate!!!!  Hydrated muscles respond much better to stress and trauma.  8 oz. of water every 10-15 minutes is the norm.

6.  And a side note.....we talk about safety all the time as we play this game during our mature years.  When someone LOBS you, do not BACKPEDDLE!!!!  Do a drop step turn (like an outfielder in baseball) and side shuffle, with your belly button facing one court sideline or the other.  This is much safer.  A tip....practice this movement every day you are playing.  It is called a "dry drill" and is very important to get the "feel" of the movement.

I hope the ball came off your paddle very successfully today.  Cheers.

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  1. Warm up is very important before engaging to sports activity.


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