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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween....Playing Smart Pickleball

Our Paso Robles Pickleball Club Website:  Join us whenever you can for a good couple of hours of play.  We have loaner paddles.

Haven't posted observations on our Club play for a couple of weeks.  Here are a few things I have noticed (for those members/occasional players who might be reading our Pickleball Blog).

These pointers will all be very familiar.....learning is repetition and reminders.

1.  Do not prolong points by hitting a ball that is surely wide or long.  You will end up losing some of those "gimme" points.

2.  Getting to the net (actually the NVZ line) is important, but do not get to the line too soon.  You will be very vulnerable if you or your partner hits a poor shot that can be hit hard right at one of you.  The closer you are to the net, the less reaction time you have.

3.  To further the point above, you need to gain ground ONLY when you have hit a shot that ALLOWS you to gain ground.  It might take your team two or three shots to get to the NVZ line.  Take your time, play soft, be patient.

4.  On that note, continue to work on mastering the DINK shot.  It is crucial to winning points (by getting yourself into a better position to win those points).

5.  The serve and return of serve should be deep shots.  In an ideal exchange of the first three shots between two teams, the sequence should be DEEP, DEEP, SHORT.  Deep serve, deep return of serve, short (dink) third shot.  If you do not practice this exchange, you will not develop your game, and, you will not win as many points as you would like.

6.  Remember....just because you are winning points with your power game, and your penchant for "smashball," that does not mean you are improving.  Everything is relative, and you will meet your match and wish you had the soft game.  Guaranteed!!!!

7.  It takes mental toughness to play to 11 points without losing concentration.  It also takes that same mental toughness to be playing the second hour as well as you did the first hour.  Don't mistake being tired with being mentally not-tough.

8.  Covering the middle is important.  Shading with your partner is equally important.  One of you (in shading) is ALWAYS covering the middle.

9.  The more you communicate, the more points you will win (or at least be in position to win).

10. Play the game with your feet.  Keep the feet moving.  You will like the results....and the exercise.


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