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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pickleball Clinics

Our Paso Robles Pickleball Club Website:

This past Saturday and Sunday our Paso Robles Pickleball Club conducted two Clinics for interested members of the community.  On Saturday, October 12, we were in Atascadero at the Colony Park Community Center gymnasium.  Fifteen interested people showed up for the first ever Pickleball Clinic in Atascadero.

On Sunday, October 13, at our Club venue in Paso Robles, we presented the game of Pickleball to members of the Clipper Club of Paso Robles.  The Clipper Club is an organization that has been around since 1948 in Paso Robles and is comprised of former members of our Armed Forces (and their spouses) who get together once a month to BBQ and visit.  The event is always centered around an activity.  This month the activity was Pickleball.  45 members attended.  Only three had ever played Pickleball before.  We played before the BBQ and again afterwards.  Everyone enjoyed playing and many promised to join us in the mornings at Centennial Park here in Paso Robles.

In all, 60 members of the community joined us for two days of Pickleball.  
Colony Park Gymnasium-Atascadero

Clipper Club of Paso Robles-Centennial Park in Paso Robles

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