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Friday, October 11, 2013

Pickleball At The Super Bowl

Our Paso Robles Pickleball Club Website:  Join us when you are traveling the Central Coast.  Good fun....good competition.  Loaner equipment available.

Pickleball Central has launched a campaign to be the selected small business of choice for a free T.V. commercial at the 2014 Super Bowl.  Imagine, a Pickleball advertisement!!!!  This is a great opportunity for some equally great exposure for our sport.  Please vote by going to the link:

You can vote once a day from each machine/device you have--desktop, laptop, iPad, phone, etc.  Every vote is important and there are only a couple of days left for Pickleball Central to make it to the next round.  This is on all of us to help promote our sport.

This weekend our Paso Robles Pickleball Club will be busy conducting two free clinics.  On Saturday, October 11, we will be at the Colony Park Recreation Center Gymnasium in Atascadero for a clinic at 11:00-12:30.  We will have loaner equipment available.  All ages are welcome.

On Sunday, we will be conducting a 3:00 p.m. Clinic for the Paso Robles Clipper Club at Centennial Park in Paso Robles.  The Clipper Club has been around about 55 years in Paso Robles.  It was started after WW II when the GI's returned to Camp Roberts.  As they married and/or started families, they also decided to form a club that would meet once a month to share interests and a project.  This month it is a picnic and Pickleball.  This event is open only to Clipper Club members.

Our Paso Club will conduct FREE group clinics for interested parties.  Please contact USAPA Ambassador Jack Hodges for more information.  Contact info is on the Club's website.

Our Paso Robles Pickleball Club

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