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Thursday, September 5, 2013

The WOW Shot in Pickleball.....1940 Buick

Our Paso Robles Pickleball Club Website:

The source of my writings as they relate to Pickleball are inspired by our experiences on the courts.  This writing is no different, and it is a long time coming.  I have seen, on way too many occasions, players attempting to hit a shot that is not part of their skill set.  I call it the WOW shot....Not necessarily to impress, but it is nice to hear your opponent say, "wow, that was a great shot."  Problem is, you don't hear them say, "that was not a very smart shot" the nine other times you are attempting WOW and not succeeding.  The misconception is that WOW requires power.  Let me repeat, you think WOW is pOWer.  The windup forehand topspin from the baseline that goes five feet long.  The swing volley at the 7' line instead of the punch volley.  The overhead full swing that goes into the net.  WOW is nice to hear, but WOW is very low percentage.  On that note of repeating, let me do so.....WOW is very low percentage.  This is a game of placement and patience.  The paddle and the wiffle ball were not engineered for power.  When, and if, you start playing a softer, more patient game, you will see the good results you are hoping for.  And, patience is a metaphor for the development of your game. 1% improvement over 100 days....not 100% improvement by the next day.  Be patient with your game, exercise patience when you play, and there will be less WOW, but more "WHOA, who is that 5.0 player occupying your body today?"

On another note, Paso Robles always has so much going on---especially on the weekends.  Concerts, wine tasting, festivals, cultural events, etc.  This past weekend was the Labor Day Classic Car Show.  What a step back in time!  Friday was the main street (Spring Street) cruise, with close to 200 cars drawing oohs and aahs.  Saturday, the cars were on exhibit at Paso's wonderful central park.  I have included a picture of the 1940 Buick that won 'Best in Show.'  A real gem.

Back to Pickleball.  "How Did The Ball Come Off Your Paddle Today?"

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