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Sunday, September 1, 2013

August Pickleball Review....The Learning Curve

Our Paso Robles Pickleball Club Website:

On this first day of September, and as we get close to the one year anniversary of our fortuitous Pickleball beginnings here in Paso Robles, I wanted to list a summary of some of this blog's discussions regarding rules, advice, reminders, strategy, etc.  The blog takes some time to write---no complaints---but are you reading and learning?  Yes, somewhere in the Pickleball universe, this blog appears to the 'public,' but this is not my reason for writing such.  I feel the situations that arise on the court, and, in my readings, should be reviewed by our Pickleball Club.  You learn a lot by reading....and sharing.

So here many of these August blogs did you take the time to read?

1.  A review of the 'Dink' shot.
2.  The 'Decision Line'
3.  Pickleball Skills Ratings
4.  'Negative Space'
5.  Pickleball Strategy
6.  Communication Between Players
7.  Where You Can Stand
8.  Serving Rules Summarized
9.  10 Things I Saw Today....
10. 10 Common Pickleball Mistakes

The above will affect the way the "ball comes off your paddle."  Enjoy the weekend.  I also had to share this picture.  We talk a lot about being ready for your opponent's next shot.  Some of you have your paddle in positions other than the proper ready position.  Here are two youngsters (10 years old) more than ready!!!!

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