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Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday, June 28, 2013.....Pickleball Rules

This has come up a couple of times on our courts.  Team A is serving to Team B.  The server's serve hits the up person on Team B (in the air) while he/she is standing in the opposite service box.  What is the ruling?  A point for Team A (the serving team).  If the ball strikes an opponent anywhere within the court boundaries before it hits the ground, it is a fault or loss of point on the Team whose player was hit by the ball.  Recommended positioning for the team receiving serve:  If the up person is too close to the center service line, two things come into could be hit by the serve (although aiming for the up person and hitting that person is harder than you think), or, you may be restricting the return of service by your partner by standing in the way of the return of serve.  In effect, you have taken away almost half the court by standing at the T.  Your partner has no choice but to return to the open half of the court.  Try standing off to the side a little more and immediately step back in to the desired area at the No Volley Zone line as soon as your partner's return of serve passes you.

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