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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Pickleball Players....and All

Our Paso Robles Pickleball Club Website:  Join us for Pickleball anytime you are visiting the Central Coast of California.  Paso Robles was recently named the 2013 "Wine Region Of The Year" by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.  Pickleball and wine tasting.  Sounds great!!!!

We will play both Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving.  9-11 a.m.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  Went down to play PB at the Pismo Beach Athletic Club yesterday.  Always excellent play on their new, resurfaced tennis court (now four Pickleball Courts).  All the players there will definitely challenge your game....and you will have fun getting challenged.

Before going to the Club, I drove through the town of Pismo Beach and went to the Monarch Butterfly Park that is on the southernmost end of town.  For the next four months, the butterflies will stay in this park for all to see.  This particular species of Monarch will live for close to six months, whereas most live only six weeks.  They will be there for the duration, but when they leave, they will never return.  The Eucalyptus trees hide them pretty well, so you will have to look closely....but when you do.....

It is great to be able to pair Pickleball with other tasting, photography, sightseeing, shopping, a great meal, and, now, Monarch Butterfly watching.

Have A Great Day!

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